• Easy to use, ready to scale:
  • True cybersecurity to protect against every type of threat your business faces.
  • On-premise or in the cloud.

Businesses has sensitive data that must be kept safe, we do more than just protect every endpoint your business runs. Patch Management helps eliminate security vulnerabilities, while encryption helps to prevent data being accessed by cybercriminals.

  • Delivers Next-Gen protection against known & unknown threats
  • Reduces your exposure to attacks – by hardening endpoints
  • Helps prevent loss or theft of confidential business data
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities – to reduce attack entry points
  • Saves time – by automating OS & software deployment tasks
  • Streamlines security management – with one unified console

Next Generation Technologies

Our security solutions for business feature a spectrum of Next Generation technologies, including intelligent behavioural analysis and machine learning algorithms. This combination of advanced technologies and our multi-layered approach play an important role in achieving one of the highest detection rates in the industry, as continuously demonstrated through independent tests. Next Generation technologies also form the foundation of our high-profile solution to detect complex and targeted attacks – Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform.


Net Desire Technologies the leading IT System integrator & GOLD Partner for Kaspersky labs Solutions in the Middle East region.


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