Advanced Persistent threat APT is a threat which target on a particular entity. APT normally focus on companies and or nations for business or political steps. APT processes needs best level of covertness over a long period of time. Similar to its name suggests, APT consists of three major parts: advanced, persistent, and threat. The advanced component refereed as sophisticated techniques using malware to attack vulnerabilities in software. The persistent method deals with external command and retrieving data of a particular system. There are manual involvement in releasing the threats to the systems.

At Netdesire we provide advanced APT protection for the business. s the business grows the amount of data grows and Data plays a major role for the development of any organization. 90% of data available today are created in the past 2 years. This shows the amount of data growth and importance in coming years is beyond our expectations, as Net Desire we provide service to organizations with best available technology in the market. We as technical expertise of IT have learnt the importance of data protection and this will cover different layers solution Endpoint Security, Network Security, DLP,Data backup and recovery.

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