ELV Systems

Technology develops at such a rapid pace, and the demand for more bandwidth is never-ending. At Net Desire Technologies, we have become known for our ability to assess your business practices and make them better through the use of technology. For this reason, we’ve recommended ELV solutions to a number of our clients. Net Desire Technologies Resources is the go to service provider for all your network cabling, CCTV, Access Controls & Telephony needs.

Are you worried about the CCTV/Access control, Cabline & Telephon Solutions for your company?

Many of the companies we work with utilize closed circuit television and DVR features to monitor their internal and external company activities. Have us setup your security system to ensure that camera recordings are saved properly and maximum security coverage is achieved.

If you are looking for a way to save money, especially when it comes to communication, configuring your telephone with a smaller company might do the trick and allow for less potential down time. Have a cheaper more personalized service install and maintain your telephone system versus the big phone company that might not solve your problems for weeks.

Cable and power racks allow for protection against surges, overloads, and power failures. They also eliminate electromagnetic pollution and radio frequency noise. We can assist in implementing these features to work with your new or existing technologies.

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