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For more than 25 years, Trend Micro has innovated constantly to keep our customers ahead of an everevolving IT threat landscape. It’s how we got to be the world’s largest pure-play security software provider and the global cloud security leader. It’s how we continue to set the pace for the IT security industry: by delivering simple, integrated, solutions that elegantly solve your most pressing challenges.

Today, those challenges stem primarily from three trends that are sweeping the business landscape and reshaping IT infrastructures everywhere:

Consumerization: The explosion of endpoints is boosting productivity—but with users controlling multiple devices and using unsecured consumer applications such as DropBox™ at work, it’s also forcing IT managers to re-think traditional perimeter defenses.

Cloud and Virtualization: The growing use of cloud-based and virtualized computing drives dramatic efficiency and operational gains—but if security strategies are not evolved to fit these environments, those benefits are not realized and security gaps are created.

Advanced Cyber Threats: Yesterday’s viruses and malware are still lurking out there, requiring vigilant updating of traditional defenses—but the current explosion of advanced targeted attacks demands new, customized detection and response capabilities.

Trend Micro delivers smart, simple security that fits your infrastructure and defends your key assets as well as your bottom line. With the right security you can fully realize the business benefits of today’s technology trends—while avoiding the costs of relying on security that can’t keep up.

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