Force Point

Forcepoint ONE

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent sensitive data exfiltration across cloud, web and private applications with DLP Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Best-in-class DLP Software-as-a-Service for the cloud, on the web, and in private applications. 

Prevent data exfiltration on the broadest range of devices in real-time across all your channels from a cloud-native DLP platform. Simplify DLP management with over 190 pre-defined policies out of the box.

Forcepoint ONE DLP is part of the
Forcepoint ONE platform

Forcepoint ONE. Simplify security with a unified platform for securing data across web, cloud and private applications, including advanced threat protection. 

Forcepoint ONE CASB. Provide secure access to cloud applications and continuously protect sensitive data in use on any device. 

Forcepoint ONE ZTNA. Seamlessly extend Zero Trust to private applications in internal data centers and the private cloud without the risks or high costs associated with VPNs. 

Forcepoint ONE SWG. Protect users browsing the web with cutting-edge Zero Trust web access; safely access any website or downloaded document. 

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