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Unified Infrastructure & Applications Monitoring

Assure the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure with unified monitoring of network devices, servers, virtual & JMX environments. Track bandwidth usage, and improve infrastructure and application performance to meet ever changing business demands. Get a complete picture of your IT environment.

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Whatsup Gold Application Performance Monitoring

Find and Fix Application Problems Fast

  • Monitor and manage critical business applications and SLAs
  • Get alerted and rapidly isolate root causes of performance problems
  • Leverage turn-key best practice monitoring profiles for Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Linux and Java based apps
  • Easily build application profiles to monitor your in-house applications.
  • Get up and running in less than one hour

Whatsup Gold Flow Monitoring

Visibility into Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage

  • Collects flow records using Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite and NSEL, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow and IPFIX protocols for extensive multi-vendor networks.
  • Delivers detailed and actionable data on network traffic and bandwidth consumption.
  • Monitors, alerts, and reports on interface traffic and bandwidth utilization, and sources and destinations of network traffic.
  • Generates top application reports using Cisco’s NBAR classification, and CBQoS reports on class-based policies.
  • New First and only native support of Cisco’s NetFlow-Lite – eliminates need for added complexity of 3rd party aggregator tools

Whatsup Gold Whats Virtual

Manage health, availability and performance of virtual environments

  • Monitor physical and virtual servers (hypervisors and guests) from a unified dashboard.
  • Automatically discover, map and document physical servers and virtual machines, clusters, vCenter server, and VMware ESXi hosts and guests.
  • Track live VM migrations in real-time, and understand virtual-to-physical relationships at all times with dynamic LiveMaps.
  • Plan and optimize virtual resource needs and requirements.
  • Gain visibility through VM-specific dashboard reports.

Whatsup Gold Whats configured

Streamline configuration and change management

  • Automatically inventory and store configuration files in a secure repository.
  • Automate configuration changes like passwords or enabling/disabling functionality to eliminate accessing each device individually.
  • Leverage configuration change audit trails for regulatory compliance and to restore device configuration.
  • Get alerts and account for every change made to your network, including unauthorized changes.
  • Meet security and compliance guidelines with unlimited stored versions of configuration files and templates for key compliance reports.

Discovery & Network Monitoring

Get immediate value through comprehensive discovery.

Leverage powerful Layer 2/3 discovery. Generate a detailed interactive map of the core, Windows, wireless and virtual resources for an end-to-end view of your infrastructure.

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