Simplify email signature management

Managing email signatures across your organization can be a challenging and time–consuming task

Departments and regions require different signatures for languages, messages, contact details, and legislation.

Marketing regularly requests updates to signature templates, with new campaigns, promotions or branding. 

Emails from mobiles and Mac Mail default to rich/plain text where HTML signatures cannot be applied.  

Signatures that pull contact details from a directory can include blank lines where user information is missing.  

The use of scripts or transport rules is complex and monotonous, with different rules needed for different signatures.

Images can’t be embedded directly into email signatures and signatures will continuously stack at the bottom of email conversations. 

Professional email signature management made easy

Designed for Microsoft 365 (Office)Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange, Exclaimer offers you the simple, secure control you need to manage email signature updates.

Exclaimer’s email signature software delivers full integration with your Azure AD (Active Directory) or Google Directory, providing consistent contact information across all email signatures. Email signature templates can be easily designed and managed with our user-friendly signature designer. Let non-IT teams control the email signature design process or choose from our range of ready-made templates. 

Use the server-side configuration to get signatures on all devices. Apply client-side signatures so users see their signature templates within emails they’re sending. Or simply combine the two methods together.

Choose to apply a signature design only to external recipients or internal ones. Or be specific and apply signatures based on the recipient’s email address or domain name.

Easily add additional elements such as company logos, social media icons, promotional banners, email disclaimers, and corporate headshots.

Assign different signature templates to certain users and departments.

Delegate control of professional email signature management templates in a secure manner to non-IT staff.

Built with security in mind

Exclaimer is the only email signature management solution provider to be both ISO and SOC 2 compliant.

Choose an email signature management solution with high levels of availability and reliability delivered across 12 regional Azure datacenter locations worldwide, coupled with a 99.99% uptime.

Access Exclaimer’s comprehensive Compliance and Trust Portal (powered by Conveyor) to easily get answers to common security questions, review important documentation, and understand our approach to providing a secure and resilient service.

Sign up to Exclaimer’s Service Health page to receive timely notifications. Choose which notifications are relevant to your organization.


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