Breaches Are Inevitable. Damage Is Not.


Apply least privilege security controls. Protect privileged access across all identities, infrastructure and apps, from the endpoint to the cloud.

Defend Against Attacks

Protect against the leading cause of breaches — compromised identities and credentials.

Enable the Digital Business

Deliver digital experiences that balance security and a frictionless experience.

Satisfy Audit and Compliance

A unified solution to address identity-oriented audit and compliance requirements.


Manage Privileged Credentials

Automatically discover and onboard privileged credentials and secrets used by human and non-human identities. Centralized policy management allows administrators to set policies for password complexity, frequency of password rotations, which users may access which safes, and more. Automated password rotation helps strengthen security while eliminating time-intensive, manual processes for the IT teams.


Isolate & Monitor Sessions

Maintain compliance with recorded key events and tamper-resistant audits. Establish secure, isolated remote sessions and record all activity during that session. End users never directly connect to target systems, reducing the risk of malware. Session recordings are securely and centrally stored to make it easy for security, audit and compliance to increase accountability and compliance.


Threat Detection & Response

Automatically discover and onboard unmanaged privileged accounts and credentials. Detect anomalous behavior and indicators of compromise with policy-driven remediation capabilities.


Manage Nomadic Devices

Enforce security policies and rotate account credentials on endpoints that aren’t always connected to the enterprise network.


Remote Access to PAM

Enable secure access for remote employees and external vendors to Privileged Access Manager, no matter where they are. VPN-less, agent-less, password-less.


Adaptive MFA & SSO

Validate privileged users with context-aware Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication and secure access to business resources with Single Sign-On.



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