Asset management & Network monitoring

IT asset Management also known as ITAM ensures an organization’s asset are accounted for deployed, maintained, upgraded and disposed. ITAM make report which make it easy to track inventory, usage and health of your hardware, software and subscriptions of your organization’s IT environment.   

Benefits of IT asset management 

  • Centralized asset inventory
  • Optimize the asset use
  • Compliance for software usage
  • Easy software deployment
  • Version and patch management
Network Monitoring:
As network architectures becomes more complex, users need network monitoring tools that provide performance data and business intelligence. The new software’s offer the ability to monitor both network hardware operations and application performance, while providing analytics that could improve overall business processes.
An important part of any network administrator’s job is to monitor the networkfor performance, traffic usage, faults and availability, and to respond quickly to issues. A network monitoring tool is either software-based or a software-hardware combination that watches the network from end to end, collecting data on hundreds of performance metrics, including bandwidth, latency, responsiveness and CPU use of hosts. The tool tracks a network’s behavior and issues alerts when it exceeds some performance thresholds — whether that means dipping below an acceptable level or when network traffic spikes


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