Netdesire is a new cybersecurity technology for UAE citizens, especially for Protect your business from ransomware attack. Attacker malware can infiltrate, infect, and wreak havoc on your organization’s security. Protect your organisation from attack with Netdesire’s endpoint protection solutions. Our solution helps businesses prevent ransomware and other threats that are going after files on their networks.

Netdesire Technologies is one of the leading Cybersecurity companies in Dubai. We provide services that include Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, Information Security Assessment and Training, Incident Response, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. Netdesire has a strong professional team with outstanding expertise who ensure that customer needs are met and exceeded.”#ransomware attack.

With the increase of cybercrime, it’s important that businesses take appropriate security measures to protect their data. Cyber criminals have been using ransomware as one of the most popular modern day attack vectors and Netdesire has developed an end-to-end IaaS solution to fight back against this threat. Netdesire Technologies – certified by and accredited to Dubai RTA. We provide best endpoint security for ransomware with real time monitoring, and internet traffic encryption.

We have developed a System to detect and protect ransomware attacks. It is an endpoint security solution that identifies infections, blocks them and backs up system files with our data recovery services. Protect your business from Ransomware Click here to learn more.

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