NetDesire Technologies is a leading system integrator, performing all the major electronic systems integration and installation for large scale companies and organizations in Dubai. Providing products like Fortinet firewall, Cisco firewalls, Palo Alto firewalls , Juniper routers, network security monitoring and advanced security solutions to our clients. Netdesire technologies Dubai is a major partner for Fortinet firewall in Dubai. The main attributes of Netdesire technologies include high-end hardware, top-notch technical support, storage capacity of upto 400 GB and best possible prices. Our company is the biggest partner for Fortinet firewall in Dubai. We can provide you a wide range of firewall solutions and we have been providing them since 20 years.

Netdesire technologies offers a complete solution for the unified network firewall and network security. Netdesire technologies comes with the Unified Threat Management (UTM) connectivity to provide you with threat awareness, real-time visibility, incident response and advanced analytics. Netdesire technologies Dubai is the most significant partner of company Fortinet Firewall in Dubai, UAE. Netdesire Technologies is the recognised for its versatile and reliable IT solutions. Netdesire technologies provides a cloud-based network security solution that monitors, protects and maintains user’s online activities through information security by deploying the best security products in UAE.

Netdesire technologies were the first to introduce Fortinet’s technologies into the GCC, providing security solutions from all sectors of the Cyber Domain. We are now one of the largest multi-hazard consultant in all GCC countries, working with leading Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other industry leaders with an emphasis on Internet Security. Netdesire has partnered with [Fortinet] since 2008, helping customers in Dubai and across the Middle East to protect their networks against hacking, malware and viruses. Fortinet are a global leader in the security industry, with a broad portfolio of comprehensive security solutions. Our global presence and wide range of technology platforms allow us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution portfolio that empowers them to be more secure and efficient. We provide specialized training for select individuals at all levels, as well as ongoing technical assistance and support.

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