Crowdstrike delivers the world’s most complete portfolio of cyber security solutions. Its innovative technology is available as an intelligent, scalable, cloud-based service to keep your organization safe from ever-evolving threats. Crowdstrike is a global leader in cybersecurity technologies. Protect your network from cyberthreats and attacks, even before they happen. Get real-time protection from the latest breaches, provide insight into threats, and enable advanced threat hunting wherever you are with the newest solution for dynamic threat detection.

Cybercrime is an increasing international problem that needs to be tackled using a whole of community response. CrowdStrike solutions are designed to help organizations implement effective counter measures in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner while allowing sensitive information to be protected without breaking organizational policies or introducing undue risk of disclosure.Expand your datacenter footprints with world-class infrastructure and security solutions from Netdesire, the region’s leading data center provider. We have built a solid reputation by delivering the best price and service in Abu Dhabi.

Netdesire Technologies provides you the best solution for Cyber Security, Malware Scanning and Data Loss Prevention. Just like us, you are faced with a host of cybersecurity risks and challenges. Protect your organization from cyber attacks by installing the CrowdStrike  solution within your network.

CrowdStrike is the most comprehensive, scalable and secure threat protection solution. It can be deployed in your own environment or enterprise wide on multiple devices and platforms. Crowdstrike has a differentiated technology stack that allows enterprises to invest in the most innovative solutions for advanced attacks and advanced threat protection across a variety of endpoints.

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