At Netdesire we provide the best dell PowerEdge server installation service in Dubai.

These servers are used by the companies that give more attention to value, flexibility and a range of efficiency options and the servers are for the business with several servers or limited square footage or storage space, meeting particular company demands, managing costs and also to focus on versatile handling, storage, and networking modules. We are the authorized resellers of Dell servers UAE. We at have a large variety of dell rack and tower web servers with the center of distribution at your door step.

During these financial difficulty scenarios many business intended to extend Business IT Assistance and also wanted to equipped on their Microsoft Servers and PCs for as long as they can. Dell PowerEdge Server installation are available in different types of sizes from mini-towers to rack capable systems, and versatile and quite operations are fit for small,big and remote workplaces.

Two-Socket Tower Servers Workloads Memory Processor
PowerEdge T550 Database, Medium Duty Inferencing, Virtualization 16 (1TB) 2 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
PowerEdge T440 Web serving, server consolidation, and virtualization 16 (1TB) 2 Intel® Xeon® scalable processors
PowerEdge T640 Business intelligence, ERP, and HPC 24 (3TB) 2 Intel® Xeon® scalable processors
One-Socket Tower Servers Workloads Memory Processor
PowerEdge T150 Collaboration/sharing, mail and messaging, file and print 4 (128GB) 1 Intel® Xeon® E-2300 processor
PowerEdge T350 Collaboration/sharing, mail and messaging, database 4 (128GB) 1 Intel® Xeon® E-2300 processor
PowerEdge T40 File sharing, print, mail, and messaging 4 (64GB) 1 Intel® Xeon® E-2224 processor
PowerEdge T140 File sharing, print, and point of sale 4 (64GB) 1 Intel® Xeon® E-2200, Intel Core i3®, Intel Pentium®, or Intel Celeron® processor
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