Dell Storage SC / ME series installation

Dell EMC SC Series

Our team has done many validations on the SC series which is a mid-range block storage array the provides best enterprise-class functionalities at the moderate price. Dell SC series support Fibre channel and SAS front ends, with dual controllers.

Another advantage is that it minimize the duplication,compression and clones to increase storage capacity.

Dell Storage SC series provide world-class service and support.

Key features include:

• Performance. Dell EMC now boasts up to 2.2M IOPS per array,
with a 2X increase in maximum IOPS and 50K-100K more mixed workload IOPS on every SC model.
• Availability.
enhancements to Live Volume deliver lower latency and reduced network traffic.
• Management. Addition of Unisphere for SC HTML 5 web UI, and CloudIQ cloud-based storage analytics.

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series

The main advantage of Dell Storage ME series installation is they are affordable, simple and fast. Another factor is intelligent data management, or optimize your virtual
environments, the ME4 Series has been designed to meet your growing business

They have got the best and powerful entry storage architecture. Based on the family of Intel processors, Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series storage implements a block
architecture with VMware virtualization integration and concurrent support for native iSCSI, Fibre Channel,
and SAS protocols.

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