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Email spoofing is the process of sending of emails with a fake “from” address. Through a spoofed email address the attackers are able to get the trust of users. You have to make sure the emails your website and firms sends are marked as authentic.

More than 95% of the mails sending though the internet are spam mails. If you website domains are being used for creating spam emails, the they can easily take the passwords by sending phishing emails.

How to do Email Protection in Dubai

SPF: Issue DNS records to keep a track on which server has the permission to send emails from your domain.

DKIM: Use digital signatures to authorize that the emails are securely sending from your domain.

Antispam protection Dubai

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is a solution to filter messages and remove spam mails. The anti spam engine can scan the spam mails.  The scanning starts from the message orgin and then the content of message. Kaspersky has achieved more first places in independent tests than any other security vendor. And we do this year after year. Kaspersky has once again named a 2019 Gartner peer insights customers choice for Endpoint protection platforms, having received a high customer satisfaction rating 4.7 out of 5.

Spoofing mails protection Dubai

Spoofing mail is a technique used by the attackers through that they gain the trust of users by pretending that they send emails from a person or organization that he already is in connect.

E-mail is now the most widely used method of communication between businesses and individuals, it should be the safest and most reliable. unfortunately, virus-infected e-mails and wiretapping on network lines are the main reasons that affect the reliability of e-mail.

A mail security product is designed to protect the email vector from threats entering the network.

Mail security product checks the sender address of mail, scans the attachment, content of mail.

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