Endpoint Security

Do you want security that boosts business confidence in a world where new threats emerge every moment?

At Net Desire, we put best-of-breed technologies into action, so security becomes a business enabler — not an everyday distraction. Our portfolio covers every aspect of Endpoint security and risk management, from initial assessment through to program planning, hands-on deployment and round-the-clock support.

With Net Desire Technologies, You get outstanding IT Security Expertise:

  •  Our highly-skilled team goes beyond provisioning technologies. We solve business challenges.
  •  You get practical, actionable advice on how to achieve the greatest business value.
  •  We work alongside you at every step to plan and deliver solutions.
  • We deploy solutions right first time, so they live up to their promises.
  • We transfer skills so you can manage solutions yourself — or you can ask us to share the workload using our consultancy and support services.
  • We’ll keep you informed about key innovations in security, so you’re always in the know.

Endpoint Security: The Endpoint and servers are the most targeted devices in the cybersecurity history because of the critical information residing over the devices. The Endpoint Security secures the Endpoint and servers with multi security architecture to protects against emerging threats like Ransomware, Spyware, worms. Etc. and many known and unknown threat. Protection components like on anomaly, signature, UEFI scanners, sandboxing and many more helps secure Endpoint.

We provide Extended level of protection with EDR, XDR

EDR: Security Engineers enhancing the detection capability with help of Endpoint Detection and Response which works with Tactics, Techniques, Procedures guided from MITRE FRAMEWORK.

XDR: The Extended detection and Response gives us greater visibility above the Endpoint integrating with Network Detection & Response, Email threats, Identity privileges misuse. 

We partner will leading Endpoint Security vendors

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