Networking Monitoring

As network architectures become more complex, users need network monitoring tools that provide performance data and business intelligence. The new software offers the ability to monitor both network hardware operations and application performance while providing analytics that could improve overall business processes.

Networking and Wireless

Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships. Today’s technology users are mobile and visual. They can be internal workers, external partners as well as customers. Regardless of location, application, or information stream, our solutions deliver a consistent high-quality and secured network experience to connected users, with the maximum uptime and highest throughput. This increases end-user productivity, satisfaction ratings, business system interaction as well as returns. Until now, IT addressed this problem with multiple, disparate systems that did not exchange data between network access control, mobile device management, guest management, and Auto Sign-On solutions and manually tried to tie them all together. Every system was another touch point.

Microsoft Infrastructure

Infrastructure optimization is Microsoft’s structured, systematic process for assessing an organization’s IT infrastructure and application platform across capabilities in order to provide an optimization roadmap toward a Dynamic IT. The roadmap helps companies to define and implement optimization initiatives that will enable proactive, IT management and deliver cost and risk reductions across the IT organization. These optimization initiatives also enhance user needs and user experience in order to increase productivity and amplify the impact of employees. Optimization enables a business to realize the full value of its IT infrastructure and platform investments and establishes IT as a strategic business asset that can facilitate innovation and help organizations respond quickly to change. In order to help customers, assess the effectiveness and potential of their IT infrastructure and application platform, create agility, and reduce costs, Microsoft has developed three Optimization models based on industry and analyst work. The Optimization models are vendor agnostic, “All of the up-front questions are about general technologies, not specific products.” Optimization can be viewed in three perspectives

  •  Core Infrastructure
  •  Business Productivity Infrastructure
  •  Application Platform.
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