Microsoft Failover Clustering

We help you to install the powerful SAP system with Microsoft Failover Clustering. The failover clustering softwares enhance the system performance by providing protection against failure and unexpected downtime, provide 24X7 functionalities.You can add critical system elements known as “Single Points of Failure (SPOFs)” which will be automatically shifted form one system to another, if any hardware software problems occur. So that the Microsoft Failover Clustering make sure that the system works without any failure.

Failover clustering is another method to eliminate downtime when you are under system maintenance. If you are performing system updates in one host, then you can easily switch to another host and temporarily make it functional from there. Once the maintenance process is over, you can easily switch back to the original system. You have following methods to install SAP system with Microsoft Failover Clustering:

  1. You install one SAP system in one Microsoft Failover Cluster.
  2. You install one SAP system in two Microsoft Failover Clusters.
  3. You install several SAP systems in one or more Microsoft Failover Clusters with two or more Microsoft Failover Cluster nodes.
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