Network Security

When Network security issues arise, do you want a simpler, faster way to get everything resolved? We can provide the extra support need.

As the threat landscape evolves, your existing Firewall technology is put under increasing pressure. More technologies are added to the mix to keep pace and this leads to Security teams needing to manage managing multiple vendor technologies with different contact processes and escalation paths.

We act as an extension of your IT security teams, managing and supporting multiple firewall vendor technologies, each with different escalation paths, on your behalf. With Net Desire, escalation level (not first line) engineers resolve performance.

Firewall: The Gateway/ perimeter defense system be strong enough to prevent the emerging threats like DDOS, C&C, DNS hijacking… and many known unknown threats. The Next Generation firewall with Intrusion Detection and prevention, SSL inspection, Application control, Traffic inspection with AV, sand boxing help organization to strengthen the network perimeter.  

Network Detection and Response NDR:

As the IT Infrastructure and communication technology grows the networking devices grows within the network. It is very crucial for security team to have clear visibility of Internal network traffic. The NDR Network Detection and Response provides the in-depth visibility of network traffic so it will be easy to identify the network threat with the network. Keep in Mind the network is the major source of threats.

Network Access control NAC:   It is very important to know and manage if the Endpoint and other devices are communicating to your critical infrastructureas per your organization policies and compliances. With help of NAC solution, it is very easy to achieve total security as per your organization or compliances needs.

Our Security Partnerships Active Response Centre provides the capabilities you need.




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