SAN Storage implementation

If you are a new company and you think about SAN based network storage implementation in Dubai, you are at the right place. You are in a need of storing data as high as terabytes and petabytes on your network but you are not aware how? You are need of secure data storage? A SAN storage implementation from Netdesire is the best option which you can avail because we are experts in setting up such devices according to the customer requirements.

Based on your demands you can have the servers installed both for

  • Ethernet Channel
  • Fiber Optic Channel

Our professionals of SAN experts will ensure that you have that hardware installed with utmost perfection.

SAN server solutions from Netdesire will provide access to you and your network users to secure data storage. Our team will make sure that all the data of your requirement is also installed in order to match the workstation needs of yourself. Virtual environment also can be activated with the help of SAN networks as storage administration is simplified. Flexibility is another advantage because you don’t have to be physically moved to transfer data from one server to another. Some of the other advantages that you can have from SAN storage solutions form Netdesire include

  • Servers can boot from SAN
  • Easy replacement of faulty servers
  • Effective data recovery
  • Use of iSCSI makes SAN more effective
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