SentinelOne EDR is partnering with Netdesire Technologies in Dubai to protect critical information. SentinelOne EDR partners in Dubai with Netdesire Technologies is a leading cybersecurity technology start up, serving organizations globally. It is part of SentinelOne’s security cloud and designed for enterprises to provide greater visibility into the attacks that impact their business through advanced threat intelligence, continuous monitoring, and detection.

SentinelOne EDR partners in Dubai is your specialist partner for Cyber Security Technology and Cybercrime Solutions. With the greatest expertise in cyber security technology, threat detection and preventive measures, our solutions are always tailored to meet your specific needs. With SentinelOne EDR, you can increase your situational awareness, enabling you to be more proactive and effective in protecting yourself, your organization and its assets. You can mitigate risk by leveraging the power of unrestricted alerts that provide actionable intelligence at any time and in real-time.

SentinelOne is proud to partner with leading Software Development Companies in Dubai. This partnership includes Netdesire Technologies, one of the most trusted cyber security technology partners in the region. We at SentinelOne have a long history of providing robust and effective cybersecurity solutions that proudly protect businesses and their customers from potential cyber attacks. SentinelOne Enterprise Data Recovery features in the UAE, Cyphersoft and Applied Networks are leading SentinelOne EDR Partners.

SentinelOne, a leading provider of predictive data and analytics solutions, today announced that Netdesire Technologies LLC, part of the Cybersecurity Technology Group (CTG) at Mabrook Industries LLC, is leveraging the capabilities through SentinelOne® Platform to protect its customers from cyberattacks. SentinelOne’s new Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (EDLP) solution for digital organizations has already onboarded over 35 new customers in the Middle East, with another 50 customers on the horizon. Netdesire Technologies is one of these new partners and a technology partner to SentinelOne.

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