Sophos Platinum Partner in Dubai

Netdesire is an authorized platinum partner of Sophos in Dubai UAE. We provide a set of Sophos products. We are able to provide our valued customers with the high end solutions and support they have to handle their business obstacles by mingling with Sophos.

We also have individual team  of professionals to manage orders and renewals because of that our customers never face any issue in processing license.


Sophos provides extreme level of security for the business. It started developing antivirus and encryption/decryption products around 30+ years ago. Now, sophos guide the organizations to secure the networks and used that must be kept with utmost care.

As IT networks develop fast in complexity, Sophos has more eligibility on keeping IT security simple and reliable. They understand that an adequate security methods must include networks, servers, and all devices, managed easily through the cloud. Sophos services let customers secure every corner of the network, from small to large devices and servers.

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