We offer High-speed WiFi plans for the business in Dubai. We ensure that the business get direct internet with reliable connection service. We have dedicated account managers who work for 27X7 so that you don’t have to worry about the connection loss or technical issues. Continuous and powerful connectivity is highly required in the present business scenario of Dubai. Super fast WiFi solutions make sure a burst of heavy data in sturdy business environments.

At  Netdesire Technologies we provide fast, reliable, cost-effective, and unstoppable business WiFi service all over Dubai.

Business WiFi solution has different requirements comparing to domestic requirements:

  • Multiple access points needed.
  • The business will go through heavy business traffic which we are capable of provide balanced solutions.
  • A WiFi network with large capacity is required for a business with more number of employees.
  • We can provide the multiple access points to the customers at the same time.
  • The WiFi routers are strong and durable as compared to consumer devices.
  • The devices operates 24X7 so that the require the endless network connection.
  • We have efficient technical team who answer all your queries without any delay.

Advantages Of Choosing Our WiFi Solutions

Our aim as enterprise WiFi solutions provider is to provide the best experience to our customers through our top-notch WiFi technical support,  and best consumer deals on the market.

High Download Speed

We offer the best download speed so that your employees can work seamlessly.


The network connection is available all most all the places.

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